Scientific Name: Echium vulgare

Other Names: Blue Devil, Blue Echium, Blue Thistle, Blueweed

Parts Used: Whole Plant

Preparation & Dosage:

Herbal Actions: Anti-inflammatory, Antitussive, Aphrodisiac, Demulcent, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Emollient, Expectorant, Pectoral, Vulnerary

Uses: Boils, Bruises, Carbuncles, Common Cold, Dry Cough, Fevers, Headaches, Inflammatory Pains, Lung Disorders, Melancholy, Nervous Complaints, Scorpion Stings, Skin Conditions, Snake/Viper Bites, Soft Tissue Injuries, Sprains, Strains

Contraindications: Do not take internally.

Notes: Wear gloves when handling- Viper’s Bugloss is covered with prickly hairs that can irritate the skin. A red dye can be made from the roots.