Scientific Name: Scrophularia nodosa

Other Names: Carpenter’s Square, Common Figwort, Figwort Root, Heal-All, Kernelwort, Knotted Figwort, Knotty-Rooted Figwort, Rose-Noble, Scrofula Plant, Square Stalk, Stinking Christopher, Throatwort

Parts Used: Whole Plant

Preparation & Dosage:

Herbal Actions: Alterative, Anodyne, Anthelmintic, Anti-inflammatory, Antitumor, Bitter, Detoxifying, Diuretic, Emetic, Laxative, Purgative, Stimulant (Cardiac)

Uses: Abscesses, Acne, Breast Cancer, Bruises, Burns, Chronic Skin Disease, Cutaneous Eruptions, Digestive Disorders, Eczema, Gangrene, Hemorrhoids, Hydrophobia, Inflammation, Itching, Lyme Disease, Mammary Tumors & Nodules, Psoriasis, Rashes, Scabies, Scratches, Scrofulous Sores, Scurf, Skin Problems, Sprains, Swellings, Swollen Lymph Glands, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, Tumors, Ulcers, Worms, Wounds

Contraindications: Do not use if you have tachycardia (abnormally rapid heartbeat) or other heart conditions. May potentiate the effects of cardiac glycosides. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.