Scientific Name: Echinacea angustifolia

Other Names: American Coneflower, Black Susans, Comb Flower, Coneflower, Narrow-Leaved Purple Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Snakeroot

Parts Used: Roots

Preparation & Dosage:

Herbal Actions: Alterative, Antibacterial, Anticatarrhal, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Aphrodisiac, Diaphoretic, Immuno-stimulating, Sialogogue, Vulnerary

Uses: Abscesses, Acne, Athlete’s Foot, Boils, Burns, Chronic Fatigue, Cold & Flu Preventative, Colon or Liver Cancer, Dry Mouth, Earache, Eczema, Gingivitis, Hemorrhoids, Herpes, HIV, Laryngitis, Lyme Disease, Pneumonia, Sinusitis, Snake Bites, Spider Bites, Sties, Syphilis, Tendonitis, Toothaches, Tonsillitis, Tuberculosis, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Urinary Tract Infection, Varicose Leg Ulcers, Viral Infections, Wounds, Yeast Infections

Contraindications: Not for long term use. Use caution if allergic to plants in the daisy family. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.